Inspiration · She's Crafty!


So as Halloween approaches and this Mama becomes Super-Crafting-Because-I-Don’t-Wanna-Pay-An-Arm-And-Leg-For-A-Costume-Mom!!

This Year I have Super Cupcake Princess to create, and Little Gray Mouse, in addition to my Fabulous Witch Hat! My daughter told me I had to be a witch–still not sure how to take that! HAHA! But I am going to be a cute anime-esque witch with a full skirted mid calf black dress with purple and green underskirts and my combat boots and of course my hat! Let’s break out the ribbon and glue gun and go to town!

I hope everyone else has a happy Halloween, however you choose to celebrate!

Process pictures will be next week!

Inspiration–I didn’t make this! I like this but perhaps with purple and green ribbon. Simple but elegant! Maybe I’ll throw some goggles up there 

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