#WritingWednesday : Writing and Boredom

I just haven’t felt in the mood to write lately, and I suspect it is a mixture of things: general life craziness, working on more visual art projects (my brain just can’t seem to do art AND writing at the same time!) and boredom with my writing projects.

I was listening to The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack with my Littles last night after trick or treating and the song What’s This came on. Hearing Jack’s wonder and enthusiasm for something that happens every year and can feel a bit mundane was exhilarating. That’s when it hit me. Writing is hard because you are working on this project for the long haul–and, at least for me, it is very easy to grow bored with a project. This would explain why I have at least a dozen works in progress that I flit back and forth between and very few finished products. If you the writer don’t have joy in your work how will the readers? I am sure that most of the time when I get bored with a book it’s because the author has too–it bleeds through into your writing and your work.

I’ve lost the joy in my writing projects, and according to Marie Kondo (a lifestyle and decluttering wizardess!) If something doesn’t bring you joy you shouldn’t keep it. Granted she is mostly talking about material possessions but I think this idea of joy can be, and should be, applied to creative projects as well. So that being said, I need to revisit my projects and just like Jack, discover what makes me joyous about each of them or let them go as something I am not going to spend precious energy on.

I think that will be my goal for November so that in December I can start planning out 2018 with a fresh wave of enthusiasm and joy!




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