Back in the Saddle!

And I was on such a good roll! Ah, well! The holidays are just brutal for getting anything creative done–I’m going to just start taking off the whole month! Let me explain, no, there is too much. Let me sum up!

To Sum Up:

Our craft show at the beginning of December went very well. We are the official vendor of wooden weaponry! Haha! I do like seeing little kids get to buy something to have fun with!

We finally got our family Christmas card finished! I started using some high quality artists markers and it was a lot of fun! I am definitely going to experiment more with those.

Survived Christmas! Haha! I even got some new inks to play with! And have been watching some tutorials on how to work with them. I think my background with watercolors will help–and the colors look soooo luscious and vibrant!

Let’s see….In January I got back into writing with a fun hashtag game on Twitter courtesy of Bethany Jennings who is a fabulous hostess! It really got my writing gears going! In February I will be participating in #StoryWarriors with Mollie Reeder and exploring my two cop characters Luna Wells and Spencer Montaire.  Come check it out on my twitter page! 

Other than that life goes on. I have a few large art projects for the year but they aren’t quite ready to be revealed! I am still bullet journaling, albeit a little behind where I’d like to be–oh well, it’s a work in progress. I should have some pictures up soon!

I am hoping to be back to my once a week update–Wednesdays are nice, I like Wednesdays.

If there is every anything I’m working on that you are curious to know more about drop a comment! I’m friendly and love talking to all creative types!

Stay warm!




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