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#WIPJoy and hashtag writing games

So in January I didn’t get much “actual” writing done but instead I worked on getting back into thinking about writing–which sounds convoluted, I know, but given that I do visual arts, playwriting, theatre artistry AND raising two little girls sometimes it takes a lot of energy and effort just to think about a project. That being said I found a wonderfully simple way to stay engaged with my project even though I cannot actively work on it.

Hashtag games are a series of questions put out by the host that are answered each day throughout a given month. #WIPJoy was hosted by Bethany Jennings and included questions about the specific WIP as well as general writing questions.


It was a lot of fun and kept me motivated to work on plotting The Remarkable Journey of Sebastian Starling.

February I am playing #StoryWarriors with Mollie Reeder and I am already having a lot of fun and it’s only day 7! I’ve chosen Luna and Spencer from Achelon City: City of Hope  for this and I look forward to finding out more about them in this new story! While doing this I am also sloooooowly plotting out their story. I really enjoy police procedural stories but building them and making the case and the clues followed credible is an interesting challenge! This is allowing me to deconstruct one of my favorite genres and really examine what makes it work and what I like about it for my own story.

The last thing I really like about these hashtag games is that I am finally fulfilling the “social” aspect of social media–I am meeting new writers and artists and having actual conversations with them about the craft and their projects. I don’t know if I will ever publish but even if I don’t there seems to be a great network of support among writers on Twitter.

Stay warm my friends, six more weeks of winter….. 😦


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