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Permission to Not Be Productive

Life is hard.

Wether you have school, kids, cats, dogs, hamsters or are a lonely hermit in a shack on the Cliffs of Mohair life is hard in different ways. Then throw in our personalities with their unique neuroses, habits and quirks and it’s a wonder we do anything more than curl into a ball and hide under the covers let alone create beautiful art.

That being said last week Hurricane Irma roared up Florida to my little neck of the woods flattening trees and putting most of the state of Georgia without power. My house included. We weathered the twenty four hours without power easily enough and I’m thankful we got power back as quickly as we did considering there were people without power for a full week–and let’s not get started on Florida and the Caribbean Islands. No, I am very thankful indeed! Later that week I had to return to work with my girls in tow because daycare was closed but my work was open. Thankfully, I have a job and a boss that makes this easier but it was still mega stressful. Things didn’t go well at work, once we got back, and were hectic and just a mess.

Needless to say, I did not work on any of my creative endeavors unless you count fretting over the lost work days and looming deadlines for the Literary Festival I am producing but fretting is not really productive just agonizing so I tried to put it out of my mind and enjoy my family. There is always a part of me that hates a lack of work on my creative projects–I guess that may be called drive? Ambition? Anyways, my point is that life happens and you have to put aside the creative work sometimes to just live. And you can’t punish yourself for that.

I think a little of my stress and angst this past week was sort of a mental punishment for not “being creative enough”. Life is necessary. It informs us as artists and helps shape our art. This is a reminder to myself and to you that it’s ok to step away and take care of your house, kitties, car or children or whatever.

I give myself and everyone permission to not be productive all the time.

Go take care of things! Or not. 🙂