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New Bullet Journal Layout!

In an attempt to keep my wandering attention span focused on every day content here at The Tavern I am trying a different sort of lay out–more fun and whimsical for when I’m stuck on what to blog about.

Last year I tried a spreadsheet style schedule and that is just too rigid. Some days I just don’t want to write about Batman, or spinach or whatever so I am hoping this will allow me more freedom which in turn will help keep me interested in working on this every day!

What sort of tracking/planning tools do you use to keep up with content for your blog? I am always up for trying new things and would love to hear what works for you!



Bullet Journal


Intention is my word for 2018. I want to live with intention and purpose so that I can claim true happiness for myself.

I love my family and friends.

I have art, music, theatre and all manner of creative endeavors to do.

As for my hopes, those may be too many to list here: I hope my girls grow up strong and confident, I hope they will be fearless leaders for change, I hope that the world learns more empathy and compassion. I hope that I can practice patience and compassion myself.



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March bullet journal [before]

I am posting these pictures to show what my bullet journal looks like at the beginning of a new month–it’s a half done mess, I know! However, as the month progresses I tend to fill in blanks and add stickers and tape and all the fun stuff so I thought it would be a fun experiment to see a before the month and after the month look!

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Art Update!

I am working on some nifty new projects for our craft show in December–yes, it's only August but with a family to take care of it is important to plan out how the crafting will get done! And more importantly stick to the plan! It helps a little that I haven't really been drawn to any of my writing projects lately; I am thankful that I have art to turn to when that happens! Don't worry the stories are still percolating brainside!

I'm very excited about trying out some new stuff: alcohol ink on ceramic coasters, lettering on bookmarks, dragons, ornaments and more! Some of these things will be available to buy online eventually!


There you go! A little sneak peak! I'll be posting more pictures as some of these projects actually get finished!

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bullet journal update!

So I underestimated how much space I would have in my Decomposition Notebook that I used for my 2017 bullet journal and am finding myself having to make a second one for July-December.  This isn’t a bad thing as it is giving me a chance to try a different type of notebook and a different layout. So far I am enjoying the smaller size and the unlined pages.

I have discovered I like my habit tracking on the same page as my weekly spread–if I have to flip all through my journal I very quickly forget/lose interest in bubbling things in. I also don’t track that much so sticking it at the end of the week works perfectly!

Here are some shots of my bullet journal for the second have of the year! I know I have shared some of these before but here they are all compiled!

Lydia Page has awesome designs! I’ve got a dinosaur notebook ready for 2018!
July through December. This is mostly so I can keep up with what day it is! Not exactly happy with how it turned out but it will do!
My weight loss goals and a fitness thing I’m going to try! Wish me luck!
This is my future log, as they call it, for birthdays and next year’s doctor appointments!
This is an example of how I like to lay out my month! I love the splash of color that the collage gives me.
Here’s an example of my weekly page. I don’t do dailies. It this serves my purposes perfectly!
In between weekly pages I have collage pages for a splash of color and a place to stick random notes, quotes and whatever else! That way it doesn’t interfere with my weekly layout!

I’ve got a ways to go to get through December but July-September are ready to go so I have some time. I’ll do a separate post for just the collages once I get them all done! There is something very satisfying about making these bullet journals!