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Urban exploration in rust red…

I get an hour break for lunch most days and usually that is spent frenetically trying to work on one creative project or another. However, as the temperature warms up and the weather gets nicer I am increasingly drawn away from my notebooks and paints and outside to explore.

I grew up in the woods surrounded by nature. Cities are fascinating to me–the intersection between urban development and nature especially. I do not want to live in a big city by any means but urban exploring is one of my favorite past times! I am not a world class photographer but occasionally I capture something interesting. This was a run down industrial area around a newly made city park. I popped on some Max Richter and felt a little like I was walking through an indie film as I snapped pictures on this beautiful spring day!


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In my travels among Twitter and it’s writers I’ve heard the word aesthetic pop up to describe collages of pictures used to set the…well, aesthetics of the work in progress. It usually sets the mood, may involve symbols important to the story and character portraits. Not to be left out, I HAD to find a program to do this!

Canva, has been pretty easy to use and thankfully I’ve had my Pinterest boards to pull from wich makes gathering the images a lot easier. So without further adieu, here are the two aesthetic boards I’ve made for Achelon City!




acheloncity (2)

What do you think? I’m trying to give a hint of the story and characters without giving tooooo much away.

I’m finally starting to get REALLY excited about this new story!


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Happy Little Colors

One of my favorite things about painting is the paper I use underneath–it is just full of happy colorful accidents. This paper was after I was watercoloring coffee filters to make paper flowers.

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to make yet with this paper but it will be be fun! Perhaps something spring related–the warmth and mixture of the colors makes me think of all the flowers popping up!

Happy Monday–and Happy April!

Bob Ross Happy Accidents Quote - Awesome Quotes About Life


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Music Monday

This weeks musical theme is Hans Zimmer.

His music has a sense of movement and rhythm  that keeps me propelled in whatever creative avenue I am working. He has inspired many many pieces of writing as well as artwork. He can capture the sound of waves, or the beating of a train against the tracks all set against beautiful melodies!

Hans Florian Zimmer (Frankfurt, Alemania, 12 de septiembre de 1957) es un compositor de bandas sonoras cinematográficas, pionero en la integración de música electrónica y arreglos orquestales tradicionales. Es ganador de premios cinematográficos como los Globos de oro, BAFTA, Emmy, Saturn, Grammy, además de un Óscar de la Academia por su trabajo en El rey león (1994), premios a los que ha sido nominado en otras 7 ocasiones desde 1988 con Rain man.



Nature inspiration!


Saw this at work the other day and it really struck me. The contrast of the greens and purples is very eye catching and the asymmetry of the leaves is very interesting.

I know it’s just a weed but it is a very lovely one! I will have to think of something fun to create from this shape. Plants are some of my favorite bits of inspiration for artwork!

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Color Scheme for this week…

This week is busy at work as well as at home so I want some rich invigorating colors to keep me energized. Obviously, this sort of thing is personal and subjective to each person but deep dark colors help me feel bold and powerful–and of course purple is my power color. Set against the deep blue it makes me feel like taking on the world!

The food looks yummy too! Food and Wine is my FAVORITE magazine for food photography–gorgeous stuff!

I hope you all have a splendid week!

Ricotta and Roasted Grape Crostini 
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Great Expectations

This is a lovely quote and makes me want to read the book. I’ve read a lot of other Dickens, perhaps it is time to check this one out!

Charles Dickens’s work is something I have to mentally prepare for–the sheer weight of his sentences and words. His stories are great once I get into them, but making the leap takes commitment. It’s funny how some books you can slip right into and others are work, but they can both be equally satisfying.