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#music #MusicMonday Bruno Coulais

In the past few years my music consumption has slowed–as in, my ravenous search for new composers and musicians has slowed. I still have a 40 minute commute so music is ESSENTIAL to keeping my sanity (and it keeps my girls happy!) However, occasionally without even trying I come across a wonderful musician and I fall madly, deeply in love.

One such artist is Bruno Coulais whose soundtracks for Book of Kells and Song of the Sea are beautiful, haunting and all those other cliche adjectives you would use to describe pretty music! Ha! Really though, his music is otherworldly but built on solid rhythms that drive the melodies. He is a prolific French composer but his grasp of Irish tunes and melodies and nuance is fantastic on these two scores.

I am so thrilled I came upon these as I watched these movies and would recommend these for anyone wanting soothing yet driven writing music with a dark edge to them.

I hope your Monday is going swell! Hooray for caffeine!


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#MusicMonday Feeling Good the Bassnectar Remix

I love remixes. When it takes something classic and nostalgic and flips it on edge with futuristic synergy it gives me the chills every time. I guess you could say this remix in particular represents the dual sides of my personality: vintage and low key, and hyperactive dance crazed. Retro futuristic some call it.

One of my favorite singers is Nina Simone. Her voice is silk velvet in crimson–soulful with an undertone of cold steel. Add to that my favorite dubstep remixers Bassnectar with their impeccably timed beat drops and syncopated grooves on an old classic and you’ve got a honey dripping popalicious remix that never fails to make me… feel good! Ha!

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“I’m learning to fly”


There is so much darkness in the world right now that it makes it hard. I often feel guilty feeling sad over one person’s death when so many others have perished in such tragic ways but the small lights of the world shine more brightly for the darkness and thus when they are extinguished the shadows become that much darker.

I have wanted to write a post about Tom Petty since this blog was created but I could never find the right words. With his passing I feel compelled to write despite the lack of proper words so I apologize ahead of time if this just comes across as incoherent blather. He was a light–at least to me and this is a small tribute to him.

His voice was gravely but sincere and had a twang that was purely American without being pinned to one specific area of our country. A laid back drawl that made you feel like everything was going to be alright. My first encounter with him was watching his video for Don’t Come Around Here. You know–the weird Alice in Wonderland themed video that was in a cube of some kind and then Alice ended up being a cake. It was trippy to say the least and Tom as the Mad Hatter just always stuck in my mind–it echoed in his voice: mischievous and sly but a little melancholy at the same time.

I am saddened by all the darkness in the world and will try to keep the light glowing as I listen to his music and stay inspired.

“Inspiration is all around you if you just look for it.” -Tom Petty

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Tonight, Tonight

Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth
And our lives are forever changed
We will never be the same
The more you change the less you feel
Believe, believe in me, believe
That life can change, that you’re not stuck in vain
We’re not the same, we’re different tonight
Tonight, so bright
And you know you’re never sure
But you’re sure you could be right
If you held yourself up to the light
And the embers never fade in your city by the lake
The place where you were born
Believe, believe in me, believe
In the resolute urgency of now
And if you believe there’s not a chance tonight
Tonight, so

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52: Electroswing 

So I wanted to be clever and write something about Marvel’s 52 but then I realized I haven’t really read any of that yet! **adds that to the to do list**

So instead I will write about one of my favorite musical genres, electroswing! 

I have always loved electronic music. In middle and high school I was very much into trance–something about its ethereal melodies backed with pounding rhythms just drew me in. It was my ‘get stuff done’ music. Crystal Method was definitely one of my jams with their hypnotic musical fluctuations. 

In college and beyond I moved into things more like Fatboy Slim and Moby. I am not sure what genre they were but again I liked the energy and the beats. It was also happier in general, as was I. 

Out of school, while free lancing I developed a taste for drum and bass and the super percussive sounds of jungle and dubstep. I will admit that most of the choices were in an attempt to keep myself awake while driving long miles late at night on little sleep. This music was interesting in its combinations of sounds but was not pretty by any means. 

Just before graduating I was introduced to the concept of steampunk and while working was starting to learn more about it as an aesthetic and literary movement. The idea of this that appealed to me the most was this idea of combining  old with new, in a sense. As I was meeting people and getting a. More in depth idea of this world lo and behold I discover there is a music genre that goes along with it!

“Electroswing is a musical genre combining the influence of vintage or modern swing and jazz with house, hip hop, and EDM. Successful examples of the genre create a modern and dance floor focused sound that is more readily accessible to the modern ear but that also retains the feeling of live brass and the excitement of early swing recordings.” -Wikipedia 

BAM! Everything I liked and wanted in music: beats, energy, catchy phrasing to keep me going with a retro twist! 

Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace are the most well known, and best, in the genre but I love putting on the Electroswing Pandora stations and see what other gems pop up! This music is very inspirational for me and I even have a whole city and characters based around the retro futuristic flavors. I want O’Connell and Crane’s stories to have the same ‘excitement of early swing recordings’ but with that driving beat and science fiction undertone. 

Parov Stelar