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#music #MusicMonday Bruno Coulais

In the past few years my music consumption has slowed–as in, my ravenous search for new composers and musicians has slowed. I still have a 40 minute commute so music is ESSENTIAL to keeping my sanity (and it keeps my girls happy!) However, occasionally without even trying I come across a wonderful musician and I fall madly, deeply in love.

One such artist is Bruno Coulais whose soundtracks for Book of Kells and Song of the Sea are beautiful, haunting and all those other cliche adjectives you would use to describe pretty music! Ha! Really though, his music is otherworldly but built on solid rhythms that drive the melodies. He is a prolific French composer but his grasp of Irish tunes and melodies and nuance is fantastic on these two scores.

I am so thrilled I came upon these as I watched these movies and would recommend these for anyone wanting soothing yet driven writing music with a dark edge to them.

I hope your Monday is going swell! Hooray for caffeine!