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Writing Projects

Here are some quick little collages of two scripts I am working for—what I hope to be—the final edits so that I can send them out into the world to possibly be produced!

la petite poisson
Pierre and Bijou, the two main characters.

La Petite Poisson is a brief fairy tale set in the world of Le Grande Jardin and revolves around Bijou and Pierre and their path to true love. I cannot remember what initially inspired this idea other than I wanted to write something with French names that had dancing, music, sword fighting, and a happy ending. I suspect it came as a direct result of the much darker story of Henry and his airship shenanigans!

It shouldn’t require too much rewriting other than taking out the frame story that just doesn’t work like I wanted it to—ah, well!

Speaking of Henry and his airship shenanigans, here is my collage for “the story I can’t just let go” as some call it. I like to think of it more that I haven’t gotten it right yet. While eleven years does seem like a long haul to work on a project I still love these characters and their stories fiercely enough to keep coming back to it until I get it finished the way it needs to be told. The third act needs some major work and trimming! I hope to shorten it by ten to fifteen pages overall and tighten up scenes in acts one and two to keep the story zipping along.

henry rayne collage
From top left and around: Vincent, Spencer, Henry and Lady Illira.

My deadline is March 31st. Can I do it? I think so! My wonderful, awesome, amazingly talented friend Serena is keeping me motivated! It will be nice to spend the rest of the year sending these out and getting feedback.

Wish me luck!

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Soooo this is random but the subject of coffee has come up quite a bit on Twitter–it’s a writing community so the Tea vs. Coffee war is always raging! This got me to thinking about why I enjoy coffee.

Yes, caffeine is one of the reasons. I find my brain a little sharper and more focused, my parenting more patient and gentle and all I am all around more perky with a cup or two of coffee. However, it isn’t just the caffeine. A well roasted coffee with the correct balance of cream and sugar (yes, I am one of those) is just a taste of blissful warmth that makes me happy. The only teas I like are super dark black teas that I brew at double or triple strength to try to come close to the flavor of coffee. There is a thick richness to coffee prepared well that I need.

The other aspect of coffee has to do with the nostalgia related to the taste. When I was ten a tiny little coffee house opened where I grew up: Sweetwater Coffeehouse. It was a tiny building with a porch where I spent many hours playing old time and Irish music, eating everything bagels and teaching my palate how to appreciate fair trade organic coffees. I even hung out with my husband before we were officially dating! He had a friend who would call him when I showed up so he could come see me before I went to work.

It could be said that this is where my coffee snobbery began! Ha! All through middle, high school, and even some college I lived at that coffee house. It was a cozy atmosphere that I loved and carried with me as I moved onwards and upwards. Anywhere I would go the first thing I would track down was an independent coffee shop. Even as a stranger there is something homey about a coffeeshop done well. So yeah, there’s a little trip down memory lane with every sip.

So it isn’t just the caffeine. And I harbor no I’ll will against anyone who prefers tea/iced tea/ fancy lattes/wine.

I just like a plain old cup of Joe.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year! Creative posts will start back January 3rd once I’m back at work!

Yes yes–I know! Starbucks isn’t an indie coffee joint but I do appreciate they’ve refined their roasting process so it doesn’t taste like burnt tire rubber anymore!
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Reflections Part II: Quiet Mornings

I’ve got to take more quiet mornings for myself. That is something I have felt very lacking this past year–time for me. I’ve got a lot of hats to wear and plates to balance and haven’t been doing a great job at any of it.

I’m changing a lot about how I bullet journal and organize my life and I think the key to this will be quiet mornings. I have to start getting up ahead of my household to stay ahead of my household. One of the key things I like about the bullet journal system is that in going from a month outlook, to a more specific week outlook to a daily spread is what cements the memory to do the task as well as the intention.

Intention is the key.

Now that I really understand this I can move forward with planning and organizing.

I shied away from daily pages when I started bullet journaling because “I just don’t have time for that.” Silly me! It’s what I needed the most! A habit that would force me to plan out my day instead of haphazardly running amok saying “I got this!” I don’t got this. I have a terrible memory and it’s gotten to the point where I am hurting those I really care about with this thoughtlessness. I am going to embrace my faults and have a plan to overcome them.

Here are all the hats I wear:

  • Mom – I need to organize the girls. School functions. Cleaning and tidying their rooms. Going through clothes (we are swimming in too many clothes!) doctors appointments, and craft projects (it’s a little sad how artistic I am but don’t make time to do it with my daughters)
  • Wife – This is the big one. In becoming a mom I have pretty nearly given up being a good wife and housekeeper. Not intentionally but through forgetfulness. I want to do better. And I know I can. Here I will keep up with daily/weekly/monthly cleaning tasks as well as larger household projects. Maybe even a date night or two! Ha!
  • Work – For awhile I added in work things to my personal bullet journal and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It feels like a crossing of two worlds. But on the other hand it is a part of who I am and what I am balancing. So I will try it again–at least for a little while.
  • Creative Work – All the time people wonder and marvel at how I stay creative while having two kids/husband/full time job. That’s easy–I am creative because I have an intense need to be so. It is part of who I am and informs all of my life. That being said, if I can maintain some organization to it I can be even more creative and produce more than before. In this section I will create to do lists for specific projects. Every little accomplishment is one more step towards the larger goal.

Laying out these four areas of my life help give me an idea of how to lay out my daily pages to be most effective. We will see how it goes!

I hope everyone has a lovely and safe holidays! I’m just going to push to make it through! Haha!

Here are some inspirations for daily layouts I am looking at

I like that this one is fun but still simple!
If I change the proportions of the boxes and the headings this could work for my four areas!

I like the columns in this one.

I love the simplicity of this for days when I don’t have the energy to do something fancier. Because I know those will happen!

Reflections Part I: Writing and Reading

It is that time of year where everyone reflects on their accomplishments for the year. So I guess it’s time for that post from me! This sort of reflection doesn’t come easily for me, I’d rather move forward and think about future plans and projects than wallow in nostalgia and regret. I feel trapped by those two things, however, I think I can touch on the positives and the few negatives without getting bogged down.


This year was a year of starting a lot of new things and not really finishing stuff.

  • I helped start a Write Club at work. It has ebbed and flowed as far as attendance and enthusiasm but we persist! We try to do a weekly prompt and help support and critique each other’s work. It usually disintegrates into general nerdy conversation which is perfectly fine!
  • LitFest survived its second year! Attendance wasn’t great due to construction around our festival sight but we had a great time! And next year is going to be even better!
  • I started working on Achelon City and while I haven’t gotten as much actual writing done I have completely redeveloped characters and plot much more to my liking!

I’d say for a full time job and two kids that’s great! I’m still forming my goals for next year so stay tuned!

This is one of my favorite quotes illustrated by one of my favorite artists!

New Stuff Happenin’

I’m excited to share that 2019 means a lot of cool new stuff here at the Tavern! New progress on writing projects, new art projects that will hopefully yield some financial gains as well as self satisfaction, and new projects at work!


Next week I will be putting up my end of the year review of bullet journaling–what worked for me this year, what hasn’t panned out and how I plan to tackle all my new projects this next year!



Stay tuned! And stay warm!!




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Slow and Steady wins the race

I finally got some words on paper in regards to my outline for Achelon City. I don’t know what specifically has been holding me back but it’s annoying! Nice to break that! I am participating in Camp NanoWrimo as much as I have set a bit of a goal for myself to work towards. I wish I had time to join a cabin and be all social but alas, too many plates to juggle!

As you can see things are handwritten–that is just how it works for me. Once I get going on the actual writing I’ll switch to Typity Typing but for now Scribbling is how it gets done! I also like to start with what I call “broad strokes” and with each go through add more details–like a painting almost.

Do you have any “quirks” as part of your creative process? I’d love to hear! Learning about how others create is one of my favorite things!