Brief Hiatus!

Hi Everyone!

I have 10 days until my craft show and a LOT to do! So the Tavern is going to take a brief hiatus! 

I’ll be back in full force December 4th to share what will hopefully be a wonderful craft show experience!

In the meantime stay warm!

Much Love!



It’s showtime!!!

Shake Shake Senora #MusicMonday

So here is my first installment of Music Monday!

As usual Mondays are hectic–especially with two little ones to get out the door and in the car, but once we get to that point it is usually pretty fun in the car. One of my three year old’s favorite songs (at least for now) is Shake Shake Senora. Now the obvious reason I love that song is that it is the ending credits for my favorite movie of all time: Beetlejuice. Beyond that, however, it is just a fun funky song with a good beat and a good beat is paramount to starting the day off right!

I hope you all have a groovalicious Monday! 


Shake, shake, shake, Senora Shake your body line Work, work, work, Senora Work it all the time Dance, dance, dance, Senora Dance it all the time Work, work, work, Senora Work it all the time

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Changing Things Up A Little

So life is crazy and hectic but I love my blog and want to do more with it–I am stuck at a crossroads of sorts: keep this as a once a week hobby blog or buckle down and really make this blog a creative hub. There is a lot to do if I want to do the second– starting with  MORE POSTS! I’ll get to the rest of my plan for global blog domination later, hehe.

I have tried posting every day and that just doesn’t work for me. The time spent on blog posts every day is less time working on my actual creative projects. It is a conundrum, I know. Posting once a week though seems like not enough to keep my readership interested and more importantly to grow my readership. SO  my compromise is this: Monday, Wednesday, Friday will be my main days for actual posts with Tuesday and Thursdays being reserved for extra tidbits I come up with but isn’t required.  Why are you sharing all this with us, you ask? Because writing things down and sharing them is a good way to create a contract with yourself.  Well, at least it is for me. If I put this out there as my plan I am going to work a lot harder not to disappoint.

So there we go.

Music Mondays, Writing Wednesday, and Fantastic Fridays (most likely visual arts related, but who knows!)

The second part of my plan for my blog is to devote a certain amount of time reading and commenting on other blogs. I can’t expect people to comment on mine if I don’t reciprocate. So we will see! 2018 is just around the corner and I want it to be a big year for our little Steamgear Tavern!

So random , I know!