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456: fearless weirdos

So this post may be a slightly self indulgent opinion post–but maybe not.

Some Background:

I have a half hour commute and most of the time that is spent doing what I call ‘head writing”–writing out scenes in my head. Some mornings, however, are rough, and on such mornings my mind tends to wander and ramble about things I enjoy: music, television, books etc instead of intense creativity. This rambling of the mind coupled with my deep rooted need to analyze EVERYTHING I tend to try to pinpoint what acutely specific reason causes me to like or dislike something.


Some More Background:

Having recently purchased a new vehicle with a spiffy sound system and an AUX input, Toddler and I have been jamming out to Styx, Journey, Led Zeppelin, and best of all Queen. Freddie Mercury’s wide range, poetic lyricism as well as witty ‘middle fingers to the establishment’ really just jive with me–and really the guitar riffs are just awesome all around! That coupled with several different articles about Freddie Mercury and Queen popping up on my social media pages has made me think the universe wants me to think on this a bit: Why does Queen speak to me so much as music and more broadly what is it about 80’s adventure/sci-fi/action movies that appeal to me so much?

This article really helped the epiphany come to fruition. It talks about Queen’s connection to some strange and ‘weird in that 80’s sort of way’ science fiction movies and ends with a wonderful quote.

“As Freddie showed us, it takes a handful of fearless weirdos to keep things moving forward.”

Suddenly it all made sense: 80’s movies never felt the need to explain the weirdness (for the most part) they just were what they were–quirky, odd, dark, strange adventures. To me most of the movies today that even come close in strangeness feel the need to give so much exposition and backstory as to why things are weird. I get it, times change and people want to understand the villains not just watch them cackle and wear terrible prosthetic makeup and outlandish skull armor (Here’s lookin’ at you Skeletor!). I love that these films from the 80’s were fearless in their strangeness. Watching these movies growing up and listening to these artists (Oh, to have heard a duet between Bjork and Mr. Mercury!) let me know in a subtle subconscious sort of way that I should be fearless in my own weirdness and never feel the need to explain why–to be myself no matter what anyone said.


I was very young in the 80’s itself so I did not really get much of this till late 90’s when I was old enough to be aware of differences in culture through decades and I understand there were a lot of terrible about that decade–AIDS epidemics, recessions,  terrible drug wars, rock bottom economy to say the least. I am, however, glad there were these pockets of fearless weirdos to show that there was light at the end of the tunnel.