30: think play, a Twitter conversationĀ 

I’ve never really given it much thought about how exactly I create my scenes for writing. I just sort of do it. I have always had a pretty intense imagination so I would create my characters and then just imagine what they were doing and write it down. 

Apparently other people do this to and have been thinking of names for it!

My friend Nicki on Twitter posited this question: 

Here is the rest of that conversation!

So there you go–it’s a few more pictures than I thought, sorry! But the gist of that conversation is creating through becoming your characters and seeing scenarios through their eyes. Now what she talked about having as a useful tool was a random generator app that created random locations, conflicts and other details to use to explore characters reactions. 

I think that could be pretty fun, as well. I’m talking to some friends who have some experience creating apps, as it is something I have never thought to venture into! So we will see what we can come up with! 

And now I have a term for that nebulous thing I do while writing! Haha!