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#woodworking My Husband Builds Things!

My husband is an amazing wood worker!

His attention to detail and artistic eye constantly amaze me with the things he creates. Whether it is as seemingly mundane as some shelves for our craft shows or as brilliantly designed as the birdhouses and swords and shields it is always well thought out.  He is patient in his design and execution where I am much more of a fly by my pants sort of painter–we do have to work hard to coexist with our different outlooks on crafting but in the end we mesh pretty well!

If you want to see him in action please check out his YouTube Channel! Even if you aren’t a woodworker yourself it is pretty entertaining!

I hope you have a great weekend! Woohoo!

Did I mention my husband ALSO does amazing paint jobs?! Because he does–that is all painters tape!


Inspiration · She's Crafty!


So as Halloween approaches and this Mama becomes Super-Crafting-Because-I-Don’t-Wanna-Pay-An-Arm-And-Leg-For-A-Costume-Mom!!

This Year I have Super Cupcake Princess to create, and Little Gray Mouse, in addition to my Fabulous Witch Hat! My daughter told me I had to be a witch–still not sure how to take that! HAHA! But I am going to be a cute anime-esque witch with a full skirted mid calf black dress with purple and green underskirts and my combat boots and of course my hat! Let’s break out the ribbon and glue gun and go to town!

I hope everyone else has a happy Halloween, however you choose to celebrate!

Process pictures will be next week!

Inspiration–I didn’t make this! I like this but perhaps with purple and green ribbon. Simple but elegant! Maybe I’ll throw some goggles up there 
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#inktober Day 1: the dream catcher

October is officially the month of art for art’s sake. It won’t be for sale (unless you beg!) but will just be sketches and drawings for me–whether to learn from or showcase something. Making art to sell and share with others but inevitably there will always be a little curbing to appeal to the masses–for myself that is. There are a lot of artists who sell some pretty out there stuff and I applaud them, that isn’t me though.

So hooooooooopefully every day I’ll be snapping a picture of my Sketchtober sketch and posting here! PLEASE let me know what you think!

Here is our first one!

the dream catcher

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Art Update!

I am working on some nifty new projects for our craft show in December–yes, it's only August but with a family to take care of it is important to plan out how the crafting will get done! And more importantly stick to the plan! It helps a little that I haven't really been drawn to any of my writing projects lately; I am thankful that I have art to turn to when that happens! Don't worry the stories are still percolating brainside!

I'm very excited about trying out some new stuff: alcohol ink on ceramic coasters, lettering on bookmarks, dragons, ornaments and more! Some of these things will be available to buy online eventually!


There you go! A little sneak peak! I'll be posting more pictures as some of these projects actually get finished!

Visual Art

698: fishy fishy

Experimenting with latex and alcohol ink backgrounds.
Sketchin’ out ma fishy fishy!
Laying in my base colors with watercolor. It didn’t react quite the way I thought it might but still a fun look.
Inked the outline and used colored pencil to make things pop a little more. I really like the texture of the Prismacolor pencils over the latex on the wood. Lots of fun. I’ll post a Final picture once I get it done this weekend!