Scenic Design

19: to the clouds!


First layer of color for our clouds.

Scenic Design

20: scenic design update!

It’s a little overdue but here are shots of last weeks progress! 

Fruit Cart in progress!
Beginnings of the floor texture.
Working on the floor!
Adding the second floor color.
The back wall is going up piece by piece!
Finished floor texture!
The masks of the gods that will be hidden among the set!

Scenic Design

25: scenic design update! 

Yesterday was the beginning….it has started. I’m beyond a little excited. I can only plan so many things on paper before I want to just dive in and start! I think it’s a product of working in such small theatres where we couldn’t afford a lot of preproduction. You had to scribble an idea, get a yes and then go for it. 


Empty stage soon to be filled!
Artsy shot of some platforms! haha!
Laying out the pieces!
Assembling the carriages to raise the platforms up!
And voila! Platforms!

The next step is creating the back wall. Then the proscenium pieces so we can start painting and adding props. 

Rehearsals start tomorrow evening so I will meet with the props master to pull rehearsal props and away we go! 

I’ll take pictures every day but probably only update once a week–twice if something really cool happens!  

Scenic Design

53: scenic workshop recap 

Yesterday was a lot of fun!

I was not quite as prepared as I’d hoped to be but it still went well. I got to meet my paint charge and props master and we talked while we played around. 

I love playing with paint so much! 

Here are some pictures of the experiments!


Washes and found objects as stamps
Using found objects as stamps with wet techniques.
I like way the washes enhance the natural wood grain.
These would be adhered to a surface and then covered in primer and painted. Probably used on false proscenium
Adding bottle caps to texture.
Bottle caps as scales/shingles.
Using non smashed bottle caps
Craft paper as a base texture
More craft paper as texture. I want to use it on the big vine pieces on the false Proscenium

Now that I have gotten to experiment I need to finalize these ideas and where I want them on the set. Then I have to break down the steps so I can teach April to teach the rest of the crew. 


Scenic Design

54: scenic painting workshop

I love writing. I really do. 

But my heart really belongs with painting, and most specifically scenic painting.  

I am working on a show with the Gainesville Theatre Alliance this spring called Once on this Island, as the scenic designer. It has been a litte hectic getting my feet back under me but I am getting my skills back slowly. It’s a strange muscle memory. 

Today I am doing a scenic painting texture workshop. What that really means is I am going to play Christmas music and play around with paint and recyclable materials and want to share it with other people! Haha! 

Things I want to experiment with: 

  • Bottle caps and how they work as shingles. 
  • Washes on the bottle caps to obscure some of the cap-ness (no judging–still not awake!)
  • Using corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap to crest textures 
  • Creating highlights and shadows around large lid tops
  • Streaking techniques on raw wood
  • Paint the shutters and corrugated plastic pieces. 

A long list but if I don’t get it all done it’s alright. I want everyone to understand that painting can be fun and how to follow happy accidents. We will see! 

I really like these levels! 

Up close pictures of the main platforms.    
Seeing this is what gave me the idea of working with the raw wood rather than painting it solid. 

More pictures tomorrow!