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Slow and Steady wins the race

I finally got some words on paper in regards to my outline for Achelon City. I don’t know what specifically has been holding me back but it’s annoying! Nice to break that! I am participating in Camp NanoWrimo as much as I have set a bit of a goal for myself to work towards. I wish I had time to join a cabin and be all social but alas, too many plates to juggle!

As you can see things are handwritten–that is just how it works for me. Once I get going on the actual writing I’ll switch to Typity Typing but for now Scribbling is how it gets done! I also like to start with what I call “broad strokes” and with each go through add more details–like a painting almost.

Do you have any “quirks” as part of your creative process? I’d love to hear! Learning about how others create is one of my favorite things!

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In my travels among Twitter and it’s writers I’ve heard the word aesthetic pop up to describe collages of pictures used to set the…well, aesthetics of the work in progress. It usually sets the mood, may involve symbols important to the story and character portraits. Not to be left out, I HAD to find a program to do this!

Canva, has been pretty easy to use and thankfully I’ve had my Pinterest boards to pull from wich makes gathering the images a lot easier. So without further adieu, here are the two aesthetic boards I’ve made for Achelon City!


acheloncity (2)

What do you think? I’m trying to give a hint of the story and characters without giving tooooo much away.

I’m finally starting to get REALLY excited about this new story!

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Camp NanoWrimo

I know I’ve posted before about how I don’t like to do NanoWrimo anymore but I do like April’s Camp NanoWrimo. You set the goal and the pace.

With that being said here are my writing goals for April:

  • Finish fleshing out all major characters (and write stuff down!)
  • Start outlining the major arcs of the story (murder case, Spencer and Luna’s relationship, Xir’s prophecy). I see a lot of color coding in my outlining future!

Small list I know but it will more than keep me busy! I also hold no illusions that I will actually finish either of these things but I am just looking for a good start really. This story has been in my head for too long! Time to let it out!

Here is a bit of character inspiration for Detective Wells!

Have a great Sunday!

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Brain mush…

Busy week over here–work wise, anyways, hence the radio silence but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been ruminating on Achelon City or working on some small pieces of artwork. This makes me feel so accomplished. I’ve totally neglected my bullet journal but that’s another story!

Collage by Ayham Jabr 

So I’ve hit the point in my Ruminations that I am starting to feel the itch, the urge, the tickle to start putting words on paper. I love that feeling but have to be careful. I need to outline a little before I dive into the storytelling. I don’t do well as a Pantser. That being said, I know that this feeling means I am ready to start outlining on paper! So I’ll probably start on that next week!

For outlining I like to start with the major plot points and work down to the small details filling in the blanks as I go. I don’t know if anyone else works that way but it works for me! And to each their own!

I haven’t gotten as much down with my stationary ideas as I’d like but I’ll keep plugging away at that and let you know once I have some real progress!


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Intertwining Narratives

Today brought more pondering and some decisions made on Achelon City–a two hour round trip drive for work helped with that! This story has three intertwining narratives that build on one another till the climax.

  1. Luna and Spencer’s relationship. One of my podcasts I listened to today said that story is really just circumstances against which the characters evolve. Audiences really care most about the characters and their change. That really resonated with me for this story–these two are at the heart of it all and no matter what I can’t lose that.
  2. The case they are solving.
  3. The larger fight between the Aethril that they uncover towards the end once the case has been solved.

I think as long as I keep the characters and their changes in the forefront I can wrangle these three threads. Laying that out has helped me start to think in terms of structure which in turn will hopefully lead to an outline!

Noir Detective by Hideyoshi on

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Writing Timeline

So it’s mid March and I haven’t really worked on Achelon City beyond playing some hashtag games on Twitter and rolling some ideas around in my head while driving to work. That’s creative work, I know but it’s not writing writing.

In an attempt to move forward with this project I’m going to set out a rough–very rough–timeline on what and how I would like to work on this writing project. Obviously, life and work will dictate exactly how close to this schedule I can keep but I plan on really focusing.

April: I’m going to participate in Camp Nano in my own way and get at least a basic outline written out. Since my two protagonists are following a murder case that unfolds into something bigger I have to know what the bigger story is to have the right clues to discover that bigger story.

June- August: I want to write as much as possible on a rough draft. My hope would be about halfway depending on how hard I push myself. Usually I write on my lunch break which means I get around 400-600 words a day, average, which isn’t too bad.

September-November: Keep pushing forward. Progress will really depend on what crafting projects I have for our show in December. The end of the year is always busy at work, busy at home wth holidays and such but I do still like to move forward with writing projects.

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Upping My Game!

Ok, guys! I’m going to try and update my blog every other day with creative goodies–will I keep it up? HAHA, we will see!

It’s been hard so far this year to feel really focused on any one creative project; I’ve sort of pinged around like a ping pong ball between visual arts projects and writing projects never stopping long enough to actually commit. It’s that standing on the edge of a precipice feeling, I think. I was SO heavily invested in The Grand Adventure of Henry Rayne and the Airship Pirates that I think I am hesitant to jump into something new that deeply. Boy, do I need to get over that! Haha!

One of my goals for this year is being more positive in my life: personal, creative, relationships and wherever else I can stick a little glimmer of happiness in the sea of gray reality. So in that vein, one of the positive things from the past two months is that I have really increased the writer friends I have on Twitter! It’s been lots of fun chatting and playing hashtag games and to see the wide variety of writer types and genres and stories being told! I love it!

March is going to be about really buckling down and outlining Achelon City and putting some concrete ideas on paper. My goal is to start actual writing by June!

Onwards and upwards!


Shadow of the Colossus by Daren Bader
Shadow of the Colossus by Daren Bader  This is a GREAT representation of how I feel about starting a new project. Time to conquer the beast!