Remarkable Journey of Sebastian Starling · Writing Prompts

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My friend Serena is the most awesomely creative person I know! She has weekly writing prompts and this one just struck a chord. What is life like after the grand adventure is over?

This scene will be part of the epilogue of The Remarkable Journey of Sebastian Starling. She’s done in Avalon fighting elves and saving magic but what does this mean for herself and her relationships?

(Rough unedited draft)

Sebastian stood at her mirror staring at the new person looking back. It had been three weeks since the return from her adventures in Avalon and the rigors of those battles hung off her more ragged than she might have liked. In the stories Gran used to read her the hero returned in a blast of glory and pomp–not sliding into her old life quietly as if nothing were different. Everything was different. Her father was returned to them–married even, to her mother in a truly beautiful ceremony. They were a family now. Perhaps that was what felt so strange. All her life she had been accustomed to making her own family of her friends, colleagues… Nicholas…

“Oh, Nicholas.” The extra heavy pang caused the words to whisper out of a rueful smile. This was perhaps the biggest difference–something that she could not pinpoint and it made her heart heavier for that. Their dance at the Raven Queen’s Victory Ball created more questions than it answered.

“Tap tap?”

Sebastian whirled around to see an all too familiar face grinning at the window. While still impish as always, Nicholas too bore a weight on his features of everything he had seen and endured.

“You startled me!” She slid open the casement. “And one of these days you will have to use the door like a proper gentleman”

“But should I do that what will we banter about every time I visit.” The words so often repeated with every visit, for the first time ever, made her feel less comfortable than it should have. She turned back to her dressing table and began gathering her books in her bag.

“I must get going. I am to show Father all the new sights of the City. ”

“Aye.” Nicholas sat on the edge of the window and swung his legs in a charmingly childish way.

Sebastian’s hand reached for the door knob. “Bas, I’ll wait for ye as long as ye need. And I don’t take offense to ye avoiding me!” Those words swept across her and she felt the ragged weight of everything lift ever so slightly. She turned and gave a smile still heavy but a little lighter around the edges.

Nicholas grinned, and saluted as she slipped out the door.