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A Little Bit of Lettering

Just a little bit of lettering! It was a lot of fun and I hope to do more signs in the future!


Reflections Part I: Writing and Reading

It is that time of year where everyone reflects on their accomplishments for the year. So I guess it’s time for that post from me! This sort of reflection doesn’t come easily for me, I’d rather move forward and think about future plans and projects than wallow in nostalgia and regret. I feel trapped by those two things, however, I think I can touch on the positives and the few negatives without getting bogged down.


This year was a year of starting a lot of new things and not really finishing stuff.

  • I helped start a Write Club at work. It has ebbed and flowed as far as attendance and enthusiasm but we persist! We try to do a weekly prompt and help support and critique each other’s work. It usually disintegrates into general nerdy conversation which is perfectly fine!
  • LitFest survived its second year! Attendance wasn’t great due to construction around our festival sight but we had a great time! And next year is going to be even better!
  • I started working on Achelon City and while I haven’t gotten as much actual writing done I have completely redeveloped characters and plot much more to my liking!

I’d say for a full time job and two kids that’s great! I’m still forming my goals for next year so stay tuned!

This is one of my favorite quotes illustrated by one of my favorite artists!

New Stuff Happenin’

I’m excited to share that 2019 means a lot of cool new stuff here at the Tavern! New progress on writing projects, new art projects that will hopefully yield some financial gains as well as self satisfaction, and new projects at work!


Next week I will be putting up my end of the year review of bullet journaling–what worked for me this year, what hasn’t panned out and how I plan to tackle all my new projects this next year!



Stay tuned! And stay warm!!




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Urban exploration in rust red…

I get an hour break for lunch most days and usually that is spent frenetically trying to work on one creative project or another. However, as the temperature warms up and the weather gets nicer I am increasingly drawn away from my notebooks and paints and outside to explore.

I grew up in the woods surrounded by nature. Cities are fascinating to me–the intersection between urban development and nature especially. I do not want to live in a big city by any means but urban exploring is one of my favorite past times! I am not a world class photographer but occasionally I capture something interesting. This was a run down industrial area around a newly made city park. I popped on some Max Richter and felt a little like I was walking through an indie film as I snapped pictures on this beautiful spring day!


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Slow and Steady wins the race

I finally got some words on paper in regards to my outline for Achelon City. I don’t know what specifically has been holding me back but it’s annoying! Nice to break that! I am participating in Camp NanoWrimo as much as I have set a bit of a goal for myself to work towards. I wish I had time to join a cabin and be all social but alas, too many plates to juggle!

As you can see things are handwritten–that is just how it works for me. Once I get going on the actual writing I’ll switch to Typity Typing but for now Scribbling is how it gets done! I also like to start with what I call “broad strokes” and with each go through add more details–like a painting almost.

Do you have any “quirks” as part of your creative process? I’d love to hear! Learning about how others create is one of my favorite things!

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In my travels among Twitter and it’s writers I’ve heard the word aesthetic pop up to describe collages of pictures used to set the…well, aesthetics of the work in progress. It usually sets the mood, may involve symbols important to the story and character portraits. Not to be left out, I HAD to find a program to do this!

Canva, has been pretty easy to use and thankfully I’ve had my Pinterest boards to pull from wich makes gathering the images a lot easier. So without further adieu, here are the two aesthetic boards I’ve made for Achelon City!


acheloncity (2)

What do you think? I’m trying to give a hint of the story and characters without giving tooooo much away.

I’m finally starting to get REALLY excited about this new story!