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New Bullet Journal Layout!

In an attempt to keep my wandering attention span focused on every day content here at The Tavern I am trying a different sort of lay out–more fun and whimsical for when I’m stuck on what to blog about.

Last year I tried a spreadsheet style schedule and that is just too rigid. Some days I just don’t want to write about Batman, or spinach or whatever so I am hoping this will allow me more freedom which in turn will help keep me interested in working on this every day!

What sort of tracking/planning tools do you use to keep up with content for your blog? I am always up for trying new things and would love to hear what works for you!



Goals! · Inspiration

I don’t know who Abraham is…

… but I like what he has to say!

I would even take this a step further and say don’t just create a vision in your mind but write it down. Even if this vision changes as you work on it writing things down makes them more concrete–plus you can have the satisfaction of marking things off a list which is ALWAYS my favorite thing to do!

Every strike through is a small step of progress towards my goal!




Color Schemes · Inspiration · Prattling

Color Inspiration: misty morning

It is a rainy misty morning today and I wanted to share some color schemes that always come to mind on these sort of days. Cool, mysterious, dark, melancholy, misty, morose, glittering–are all words that come to mind in the rain. These colors soothe. These colors make me think of magic and tall mountains that need scaling to fulfill a quest–of deep forests where tendrils of fog wrap around ancient trunks.

ZJ Colour Palette 301 #colourpalette #colourinspiration
The vibrant teal offsets the grays and hints at the pop of springtime that comes with the rain. New life is growing nourished by the drops. 



Sea Fare - Cool, calm color palette from Better Homes & Gardens (August 2014).
The colors of fog and mist that wrap through the trees in the drizzle. 


karen margolis, 8 layers of maps + watercolor


The hint of purple in the violets and crocus peaking their heads up drinking in the water. Spring is creeping in drop by drop as the rain falls.


Goals! · Visual Art

India inks and new art projects!

Hello all!

So I have some exciting news to share, but first I want to share how excited I am about some new art supplies I’ve gotten!

FullSizeRender (6)

I saw these on Amazon, and my first thought was “Wow, I love the font on these packages!” Second thought was “OOh, I bet these are more saturated than watercolors so I can use them without totally wrinkling the paper!”

That being said I added them to my Christmas wishlist, and voila–in-laws were amazing and got them for me! Alas, life was busy, and remained busy until last week when I finally took a moment to say, “By golly, I’m going to get my inks out, organize them and see what they look like on paper!” And that is just what I did, and they are beautiful and gorgeously saturated colors. I haven’t worked yet with layering but I hope to soon!

Image result for steampunk border vector

NOW, for the exciting new art project: I’m am going to start designing and producing small quantities of stationery!  As much as I love using and hoarding stationery it just makes sense–I also think my quirky colorful style will lend itself to this, so we will see!

I am taking it slow and really researching how I want to go about this and create an actual business plan before I just jump into making art. Right now I have a name: Lunarkat Paper Co. and a vague idea on what I want the logo to look like! Haha! I’ll obviously update more once I have some really concrete things in place!


Foreign Music

March Musical Musings….

March is one of my favorite months.

For many reasons: changing of the seasons, rain (yes, I love the rain!), St. Patricks Day and IRISH MUSIC!

For some context, I started playing violin in 2nd grade. It was standard Suzuki stuff and other classical exercises, but over the next few years I got introduced to traditional Irish music through some of my dad’s musician friends who jammed out on the porch of a local coffee house and I. WAS. HOOKED! My family is in no way shape or form Irish or Scottish in anyway (being tall, blonde and blue eyed we are sort of super Germanic!) but I fell in love with the lilting precision of the music and the melancholy mythos of the culture.

Gaelic Storm...can't wait!
Known as the ‘steerage band’ from Titanic they are one of my favorites–I’ve even seen them in concert and met them! Great fun!

My dad played old time and bluegrass music but with my classical training I could never get the same shuffling sound that made his music really great. But traditional Irish music is all about speed and precision of notes, something I could do and work towards.  My dad and his friends would joke that if I led the song we’d end twice as fast as we’d started.

Life and physical ailments has led me away from playing music as much as I used to but it has left me with a keen sense of appreciation for that music and so every March I pull out ALL of my Celtic inspired music and jam out as spring arrives in all her blustery glory!


Gaelic Storm - Bring Yer Wellies


Here are some bands to include for your own St. Patrick’s Day March Mix!

  1.  Gaelic Storm (Bring Yer Wellies is my particular favorite)
  2. Dropkick Murphy’s (not traditional music but fun nonetheless)
  3. The Pogues
  4. Flogging Molly (some of their tunes have good fiddlin’)
  5. James Kelly

Any Irish bands or musicians you like in particular?

Bullet Journal


Intention is my word for 2018. I want to live with intention and purpose so that I can claim true happiness for myself.

I love my family and friends.

I have art, music, theatre and all manner of creative endeavors to do.

As for my hopes, those may be too many to list here: I hope my girls grow up strong and confident, I hope they will be fearless leaders for change, I hope that the world learns more empathy and compassion. I hope that I can practice patience and compassion myself.