Writing Projects

Here is the grand list of different writing projects I am working on. I bounce around between things as it suits me since I have no real deadlines to work with. In addition to these larger projects I also have short stories, scenes, and playwriting projects I am working on.

The Grand Adventures of Henry Rayne and the Airship Pirates (Clockwork London Book One)

The year is 1788 and Henry Rayne is trying to get his manuscript published, to no avail. Instead he finds a job as a cabin boy aboard the Lux Arumque under Captain Spencer Bartholomew and Master Aicilla Waystayer.  After a week at the clouds they capture what the captain thinks is a jewel but turns out to be Illira d’Leilanye Diplomatic Envoy of the Green Guard on her way to negotiate a very delicate treaty between the islands of Northumbria and Kent.  Henry, quite smitten vows to return her to her ship but doesn’t get the chance.  The Lux Arumque is attacked by The Raven Queen captained by Alistair Fioni and piloted by Vincent Starling who, as it turns out have a past with Captain Bartholomew.  Henry must navigate his own morals as he goes from traitor turning in his crew to the ruthless Merchant Navy, to pirate himself as he then breaks the crew out of jail.  There is a final showdown at Blackpool Castle where Henry rescues Illira, and Captain Bartholomew faces down a few demons from her past only to find out things were not as they seemed.

The Remarkable Journey of Sebastian Starling (Clockwork London Book Two)

(This one is much less developed, but its getting there.  These are just loose ideas at the moment.)

Sebastian is a girl with a boys name in the year 1800.  She has been plagued by nightmares for several weeks and it isn’t until she meets a mysterious tophated gentleman on the street that they stop.  He tells her that she is in danger, and gives her a map.  She must find the Four Treasures of the Gods: Dagda’s Cauldron, the Spear of Lugh, the Stone of Fal, and the Sword of Light.  She will travel deep into the world of the gods in search of the items and will have to rescue the Raven Queen herself from the heart of Avalon.  With the help of Nicholas Stormhaven, a gypsy like Fiann, and a gentleman thief, Edgar Cogswell and a few other bizarre characters she finds her way to the heart of Faery and discovers it is not what she thinks.

The Chronicles of Captain Stormhaven (Clockwork London Book Three)

The year is 1886 and The Great War has been going on for ten years with giant Mech War Machines seemingly self piloted ravaging the world.  Humans have fought back as best they can forming new and improved Air Corps specifically designed to fight against these impervious machines.

Captain Wintermantel Stormhaven has been fighting as a Skyhornet for the past six years until the death of her close friend William Penthrift.  She retired from active duty vowing to find a better way of stopping the war.  William had been researching the Mechs and the start of the War  and in his journal he left clues to a device that would help someone defeat the Mechs.

Armed with this knowledge Winter  and her sizeable family fortune and a new airship called the HMS BrassDragon given to her by her godmother Queen Victoria sets out in search of Dr. Fromme, who holds the first piece of the Puzzle.  Winter and the crew slowly unravel the clues in Williams journal discovering the four pieces of the puzzle box that will lead to the weapon that will destroy the Mechs, and the location of the fortress.

Achelon City Chronicles: City of Hope

Wow…where to start with this project.  I have been conceiving/outlining/plotting this since 8th grade back when I had no idea how to properly plot a novel!  But some of the basic ideas and characters are there and won’t go away.  This is a much more science fictiony world of Achelon City and the Orion Star System.  This is the most recent incarnation of the plot, although it is in the throes of a major overhaul that I won’t let myself touch until I’m done with my rough draft of Henry Rayne.

The story follows Luna and Spencer (male this time) who are Detectives with the Achelon City police.  They have a long history together having served in the Starwing Corps during the Second Hrrudaran Invasion, he pilot, she gunner.  It is just a normal day at the office until an old friend, Rennes, comes in to report a theft at the museum she works at.  After catching up they also discover another friend is in town–Willow for her coronation as the Elethim heir to the throne.  There are more thefts that all lead up to the four of them discovering they are actually incarnations of Elemental Warriors created by the gods millenia ago to fight the God of War.  They also discover that the God of War is back and has slowly and stealthily taken over Achelon City and is planning on unleashing a new power that will send the world into chaos.

(There is much more to it than that, but I will just work on writing the damn thing instead of spouting random stuff.  These are some characters that are very dear to me, and are probably more developed than a lot of others save the Henry Rayne characters)


5 thoughts on “Writing Projects

  1. In what way is it a detriment? When you mean finishing a project, you mean the editing and everything, right? So, is it difficult after a project’s done to do the publishing and smooching part?


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