Writing Projects

Current writing project for 2018:

Achelon City Chronicles: City of Hope

Wow…where to start with this project.  I have been conceiving/outlining/plotting this since 8th grade back when I had no idea how to properly plot a novel!  But some of the basic ideas and characters are there and won’t go away.  This is a much more science fictiony world of Achelon City and the Orion Star System.


The story follows Luna and Spencer who are Detectives with the Achelon City police. It is just a normal day at the office until an old friend, Rennes, comes in to report a theft at the museum she works at.  After catching up they also discover another friend is in town–Willow for her coronation as the Elethim heir to the throne.  There are more thefts that all lead up to the four of them discovering they are actually incarnations of Elemental Warriors created by the gods millenia ago to fight the God of War.  They also discover that the God of War is back and has slowly and stealthily taken over Achelon City and is planning on unleashing a new power that will send the world into chaos.

(There is much more to it than that, but I will just work on writing the damn thing instead of spouting random stuff.  These are some characters that are very dear to me, and are probably more developed than a lot of others save the Henry Rayne characters)

acheloncity (2)


6 thoughts on “Writing Projects

  1. In what way is it a detriment? When you mean finishing a project, you mean the editing and everything, right? So, is it difficult after a project’s done to do the publishing and smooching part?


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